The following is a list of organizations, websites, publications, and other sources of information, models, and practical advice related to LGBT issues, starting a foundation, and starting a non-profit organization.

LGBT Issues

The Grantmakers’ Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues These are two of a number of resources available from Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues. They offer a good overview of current facts, figures, and research about issues facing LGBT people, and provide reference to other information sources.

Building on a Better Foundation:A Toolkit for Creating an Inclusive Grantmaking Organization – – offers very practical advice and a list of some of the other best publications and resources.

Diversity Practices in Foundations: Findings from a National Study by the Joint Affinity Groups – available at – this gives an overview of how diversity is represented in various foundations, and also includes some valuable recommendations on how to change foundation culture to make diversity successful.

Learning and Sharing for the Common Good – produced by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, available at – this summarizes research findings on the philanthropic practices of four communities of color. Other reports on philanthropy in diverse communities are also available at

Cultures of Caring: Philanthropy in Diverse American Communities – produced by the Council on Foundations – examines potential ways to expand the use of institutional philanthropy in four population groups. This and other documents on philanthropy and diversity are available at

Building Diverse Community-Based Coalitions – by the Praxis Project, – offers a 5-page overview with practical suggestions about some of the steps an organization can take to include a broad base of communities, and how to identify potential allies, understand their connection to your community, and engage their interest in collaboration.

Starting Points:An Introduction to Creating Access for People with Disabilities in Community-Based Organizations – available at – provides a brief overview and checklist of things to consider in assuring disability access. Websites of organizations offering background to, and resources for, foundations and grantmakers Note: Some sites require enrollment as members to access all information.

LGBT Community Foundations – – This central web resource provides information on, and links to, many current LGBT Community Foundations.

Community Foundations of America – – offers regular updates of information for donors and professional advisors, web content, web design, and many other resources targeted specifically to planned giving and asset development, and also includes sample donor advised fund marketing materials.

League of California Community Foundations – – this organization exists to support and build networks among California’s 24 community foundations and has useful resources and links to information, particularly for new and emerging foundations.

Council on Foundations – – although many of the resources here are targeted to private, family, and geographic-based community foundations, there are still many publications and information resources that will be helpful for LGBT Community Foundations, such as “First Steps In Starting a Foundation” by John A. Edie.

Grant Craft – – is a program of the Ford Foundation, and offers a variety of practical publications and resources for grantmakers.

Center for the Study of Philanthropy – – offers many resources and publications with a particular focus on multicultural philanthropy.

Association of Small Foundations – – has services and resources for foundations with few or no staff, including a number of guides to starting a foundation, such as “Foundation in A Box” ( which offers information about all the basic areas of starting a foundation.

Council of Michigan Foundations – – has many publications and brochures, including information on different giving opportunities for donors, and guides to starting a fund or foundation. One excellent resource is “Community Foundation Primer:An Outline for Discussion and an Initial Organization Start-Up Kit,” available at

Center For Effective Philanthropy – – offers publications, resources and research on foundation effectiveness. Useful Publications on Foundations and Grantmaking

So You Want to Give – Options for Giving – available from the Council of Michigan Foundations or at – provides an overview of, and comparison between private foundations, donor advised funds and supporting organizations.

Affiliate Funds – A Rising Practice in Community Philanthropy – available from the James Irvine Foundation, or at .pdf – offers a definition and background to an alternative vehicle for partnership with a community foundation.

Smart Growth:A Life Stage Model for Social Change Philanthropy – available from the Women’s Funding Network at this report provides an overview of the stages of development of women’s funds, and offers a comprehensive resource guide.

The Community Foundation Start-Up Manual – available at Community Foundations of Canada – – provides a comprehensive manual on building a community foundation including sections on getting started, organization, and tasks. Organizations and websites with information on setting up and managing non-profit organizations

Boardsource – – is very accessible and clear and offers a wide range of resources, fact sheets and publications on all aspects of nonprofit governance and board issues.