Ameriglef is committed to building a foundation that is

culturally, racially, and economically diverse.

We support projects and programs that benefit LGBT people

Ameriglef empowers the LGBT communities by providing money for projects which nurture and strengths them

We build a permanent funding source for LGBT programs

Ameriglef is here to build a permanent endowment to meet the long-term needs of an evolving LGBT communities all over the World.

We increase mainstream funding for LGBT issues

Ameriglef provides leadership on and information about LGBT issues to national, regional and international funders.

We encourage a tradition of giving within and for LGBT organizations

Just as Ameriglef is working to support the growth of the organization and its projects, we are also working to build a community of informed, activist donors. Ameriglef believes that as this constituency grows, so too will LGBT communities’ power.

We strengthen LGBT organizations

Ameriglef provides educational opportunities in areas such as technology, grant proposal writing, and non-profit administration to LGBT organizations.

We build LGBT leadership and invest in individuals

Ameriglef works to build and strengthen current and future leaders by recognizing and rewarding individuals who play a vital role in LGBT communites.

We increase visibility and public awareness of LGBT issues

Ameriglef is here to educate the public about the nature and impacts of homophobia, its relationship to other forms of oppression, and the benefits of its eradication.

We build networks convening and connecting people

Ameriglef builds communities of shared resources where donors, funders, and organizations work together, joined by a commitment to strengthen one another.