Key Concepts

The American Gays and Lesbians Foundation is a political ideology and social movement that advocate for the full acceptance of gays and lesbians people in our society. Founding members of this Non-Governmental Organization have a long history of campaigning for what is now generally called gays and lesbians rights. AMERIGLEF is a primary and overarching central organization that represents all gays and lesbians’ people and their interests in the US and all around the world. We are a charitable foundation whose purpose is to fundraise, collect and provide funds for charitable activities which have as their sole or chief purpose the good and betterment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex people and allied communities in poor countries especially in Africa.

A commonly stated goal of our Foundation is social equality for gays and lesbians people. We also focus on building gays and lesbians communities and work towards liberation for the broader society from biphobia, homophobia, and transphobia. The American gays and lesbians foundation is made up of a wide range of political activism and cultural activity, including Donations, lobbying, street marches, social groups, media, art, and research.

The American Gays and Lesbians Foundation mission is to develop viable and proven models of community organization, consumer education and professional training to combat many of these problems. Sadly, many of these models have not been adopted and promoted as widely as necessary to make a major impact, in large part because of a lack of material resources. Governments and non-government agencies, including philanthropic organizations, have sometimes been too cautious to fund culturally specific gay and lesbian programs for fear that well-organized and well-resourced ideological opponents to gay and lesbian issues might unfairly characterize them as ‘promoting a lifestyle’. Philanthropy Australia report that only 2% of all funds are given to gay and lesbian projects, which is the least amount of funding to any specific group.

Arising directly out of the communities at risk, AMERIGLEF dedicates itself solely to making resources available to address the unequal and unjust social experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people and allied communities, in Australia

Our Funding

The American Gays and Lesbians Foundation do not necessarily solicit contributions from government or corporations. Our members in the United States and members worldwide provide virtually all of our funding through individual contributions. Your support provides the backbone of our organization and is invaluable to our efforts to put for the first time in our history a woman at the White House. Please consider making a donation today.

We are here to work for the good of society rather than to make a profit like companies do. We are here to work to make life everywhere on our planet better for ordinary citizens particularly gays and lesbians whether it is in health, sport, education, youth development, leadership, food production or any part of life.. Because we are seldom sustainable, we rely on donations mostly from individuals, companies or business foundations, which provide us with donations every year.

As an NGO, we always stick to our work, spend the money we get from our donators according to the donation agreement, and we report properly on how we do it. 80% of the money we get goes to the field work, 5% devoted to the NGO management and 15% goes to the remuneration of our employees. When your donations dry up, all those gays and lesbians people are left without the service they were getting which can in many cases be a serious problem. So please help us help gays and lesbians all over the world in the name of freedom, liberty, justice and equity.